What do I need to assembly a furniture with Threespine®?

Nothing but your hands. The furniture are delivered with the connection elements implemented in the panels so you only need to click the furniture together.

Is it possible to dismantle the furniture?

Yes, you can completely dismantle the furniture without damaging the product. That also means that you can put the furniture together again afterwards.



I'm a furniture producer. How do I implement Threespine® in my products?

The Threespine technology is available for licensing. By signing a license agreement with Välinge, you will get help with machinery and tool-set up, setting of the profile, test production and all other types of support required to get you started.

What kind of machinery is required?

Threespine can be produced with conventional production equipment: through-feed machines or edge banders for high-volume production, or CNC machines for smaller production series. You will also need an inserter machine for automatic, semi-automatic or manual insertion depending on your production volumes.

Do I purchase the tools from you?

You can use your current tool supplier or any of the global brands since the technology not depends on a specific producer of tools.

Is Threespine possible to produce in any machine brands?

Yes, we have a long experience working with all the largest machine manufacturers globally and they are well aware of the technology and what is required.

How do I acquire the inserting machines for the plastic inserts?

You purchase directly from Välinge. We have developed the inserters specifically for Threespine for the best possible production capacity, consistency and quality.



What materials can I use with Threespine®?

Threespine can be used with virtually all machinable materials.

My products consist of different thicknesses of panels and components, surely I can not use Threespine®?

Of course you can! You can connect different thicknesses of panels with Threespine since it is not depending material thickness but rather the size of the profile.

Can I use Threespine® in other material thicknesses than standard 16-18 mm Particleboard?

Absolutely - do not be limited in your product development by the current standards using traditional assembly techniques. Threespine can be used down to 6 mm/MDF and 8 mm/Particleboard in the most common profiles. For back panels it is possible to go down to a thickness of to 2.5 mm.