Design For Next generation FLAT PACK FURNITURE


Design For Next generation FLAT PACK FURNITURE

Endless material possibilities


Threespine® can be used with virtually any material. It also enables different materials to be combined in new innovative ways.

Perfect miter joints

Threespine - thin miter join wood cube.jpg

With Threespine® you will get perfect miter joints with a simple click - even in compact laminate down to 6 mm.


Always perfect angles


By embedding the joining function in the panels, Threespine automatically aligns the furniture during assembly. 

Stable furniture


In contrast to traditional fittings with point loads, Threespine spreads the load along the entire connection. The result is strong joints and very stable furniture.

Joint/material matrix

Joint/material matrix


Joints and materials

Threespine® click furniture technology is suitable for a wide range of materials and material dimensions. Use the charts below as a reference for the joints and material options available.